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Beautiful and abundant Philippines

Felipe is inspired from the Philippine tarsier found in the islands of Bohol, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao. Felipe provides you 100% imported and authentic Filipino products that are natural and beneficial to health while showcasing the beauty of the Philippines. Felipe is a collaboration of Filipinos and Chinese that works together in bringing premium and excellent Filipino products throughout the entire Chinese market.


The relationship between Filipinos and Chinese has been in existence for ages now. The reason behind traces back to trade where both parties had good products and services to offer, and that union has just gotten stronger up to this day.

Shanghai Qugao International Trading Co., LTD. is one great testament of that bond. Embodied in the Felipe brand, Qugao caters to 100% imported and authentic Filipino products ranging from banana chips, virgin coconut oil, refined coconut cooking oil under the registered brand Felipe (菲丽沛) and fresh fruits such as Cavendish banana under the brand Filifresh.


Shanghai Qugao International Trading Co., LTD. prides itself in producing only 100% bona fide products. Authenticity is our disposition and so is what our clients deserve.


Our core commitment is what drives us to the peak of our venture. We live on excellence, hard work and perseverance – qualities that perfectly define our purpose.


Banana is one of the top export products of the Philippines. It is grown from the regions of Davao del Norte, Compostella Valley and Negros Occidental.Our bananas are grown in Davao del Norte and Negros Occidental that have the best soil quality fit for the fruit. It is grown with complete fertilizers and treatment solutions without any short cuts. Since our company is Filipino-owned and we have offices around the Philippines, we have built the best relationship with our growers. We are also partnering with an agricultural company in Davao that specializes in fertilizers and treatments for bananas to ensure the highest quality of banana delivered to our clients.